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Starting from 2009 we are launching a Loyalty program. The idea is to reward the most reliable and loyal customers. How does this work? Very simple, when this loyal customer has recommended our services to someone else, then for each of the new customer’s paid bill the loyal customer receives a 10% discount on his invoiced amount. For example, loyal customers are recommending our server rental service which costs monthly 20 Eur. In the next month, a loyal customer will receive a discount amount of 2 Eur, for example, a 5 Eur webhosting invoice is now only 3 Eur. Attraction of new customers is not limited, which means that a loyal customer can be completely legal to earn himself a free service. That’s not all – your enjoyment is also introducing discounts. For 6 months prepayment is applied a 10% discount, but on a whole years prepayment the discount is 20%. And the last but not least reward to our best customers. Thoroughly explored and concluded that our permanent customers are in need to be rewarded for their confidence, so discount levels are introduced in addition to existing discounts.

Discount rate levels and amounts:

1st level (1 to 2 years) – 5%
2nd level (2 to 3 years) – 10%
3rd level (3 to 5 years) – 15%

Summary of the discounting system, or – Discounts will be summarized! Not as elsewhere 🙂 :

1st apply a discount for 6 or 12 month advance payment on the original bill +
2nd apply a discount on a new attraction +
3rd apply a discount of the remaining amount based on the discount rate (1st/2nd/3rd) =
4th Very satisfied customer!

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